Vehicle & Boat Graphics

I love doing custom work for people. It's a process that takes a while, but worth it in the long run. With my work, you'll stand out from the crowd, not in it.

Video shows best in youtube. Hit the youtube tab in the lower right corner of this video, and then go to full screen if you like.
This art started as a pencil sketch. It was redrawn digtally and then painted digitally. Printed on  the very best material, laminated and then custom cut at different sizes for other applications. Dock boxes, steps aboard, buckets, and last but not least..... the owners truck! Owner exports cotton and wanted something truly unique.
Performance apparel full color art. I'm now producing the high tech, moisture wicking, uv garments. If you have a boat or business logo you would like on one of these nice shirts, contact me! Low minimum orders keeps your money from being tied up. Nobody likes 288 shirts in a closet waiting to be sold.
My latest Transom Design for Reel Busy Charters. See this boat at Pirates Cove Resort in Stuart Florida. Right outside the marina's tackle shop. The size limitations of the web don't do the art justice. This shot was taken with an iphone near darkthirty. It will be replaced with a better shot when it's in the water.
Detail shot of the artwork. It's still very small compared to the original work, but you get the idea of some texture in the painting.
Another creative outlet new to me.... I now produce performance fishing, sports, and business apparel in house. Full color, dye sublimated designs that become "one with the garment." You can't feel anything on the shirt at all. Dye sublimation is just flat out awesome! Shown here is the left chest and full back.
An eye catching graphic on land to promote the charter boat. I also produced business and rack cards, some web graphics and die sublimated shirts will be coming soon!
This Art is 68" x 17" at actual size. It was designed for a white Everglades Hull. Below, you fing my unique "Chrome" design on a black background which really makes it pop. It works well with any color background actually.
This is a preview texture and is much smaller than of the original Artwork.
O.K., This is my boat... My wife Jodi and I spent the day a a spot in the keys locally known as Marvins Key. Had a heck of a time getting in there (super skinny), but absolute heaven.
Ex CIA dude. That's all I can say.
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