University of Georgia

Wow, It's been a pleasure working with UGA! My wife and I have done the "Dawg Walk"several times. And the sidelines are the best place to watch a game. Camera almost got me a black eye after a bad football bounce!

UGA VII  One of my favorite paintings. 30x40 Gallery Wrap - No Frame Needed
Available in custom sizes on Canvas and Watercolor Paper
Coach Richt  18x28 Framed
UGA On The Line  18x24 Framed
UGA VI  18x24 Framed
Matt Stafford  18x24 Framed
Jodi and I wait for the ride in with the team.
My brother Mike, Jodi and I on the bus. I'm never in any images cause I'm holding the camera. Story of my life. Wouldn't have any other way though!
Dawg Walk puts a smile on your gace you never will forget. People screaming and cheering, band swayin'. It's incredible.
Jodi answers reporters questions.... ha ha
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