Daniel Deusser Custom Portrait

My digital camera sure got a work out. I was able to capture some of the worlds best riders at the 2014 $280,000 Edequan CS14 Grand Prix earlier this year. For most of the riders, It could mean a fantastic custom painting for them. Part of the Wellington Florida Saturday Night Lights competition, the show was rained out that evening and re-scheduled for the following morning. So, as luck may have it, I had blue skies and sunshine to light up the horses and riders!

Video shows best in youtube. Hit the youtube tab in the lower right corner of this video, and then go to full screen if you like.
Daniel Deusser and Cornet d'Amour
My custom painting of Daniel Deusser riding Cornet d'Amour. This might be my favorite painting.  I will be posting an image of the work hanging on the wall with myself next to it soon. It gives the viewer a better sense of scale. The internet does not show the true beauty of my finished digital paintings.
There's a big difference in looking on a computer or phone screen and viewing the work framed and hanging on the wall. This custom portrait of Daniel Deusser and Cornet d' Amour measures 36x36. It is a gallery wrap at this point. However, I can print any custom size you wish. And for Stephex Stables and Double H Farms, I can see this painting on your property and on the sides of your transportation vehicles.
The following images were created as rough examples and only show what can be done with my art. The original unedited photographs are of an STX Iveco Eurocargo and belong to Stephex Stables of Belgium. I make no claims to the rights on the photo itself. If they wish it removed, I will do so.
STX Show Boxes with custom art
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