Custom Painted Elevator

Take a ho-hum elevator, make it something memorable.

Take a boring elevator, make it something everyone will remember riding on.....
I was contacted by a very nice couple after they saw my work at a local restaurant. They liked my coastal themed work so much, I came up with this concept to use my paintings to fill this space. I'm very happy with the results of my hard labor here.
All the tacks are in the painting/print. It looks like you could pull them out.
To have the right fit and finish, I removed everything from the wall. Took apart the electronics to install the art properly, and put everything back together.
The first part of the project was to install the art on the doors and the space between them.
This work and the image below is what you're viewing as you ride the elevator from the downstairs to upstairs. Not shown is a 3 foot section
between the floors that joins the two pieces of art as one. My concept was to take a ride from the ocean floor to the surface.
As the elevator stops, you're looking straight at a landscape painting of their home on the beach.
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